Order of a personal creation

Prices and information

The price is indicated below in the order form. It depends on the type of work to be performed. I invite you to consult the different examples in order to know what kind of retouching you want.

Creations for individuals are reserved only for family and private purposes, and not commercial. If you are a professional, you can consult Gumiho Artist.

If you send me a photo of too poor quality, unfortunately it is possible that I answer you that the work is not possible. Know that the quality you send me will be the quality you receive. You cannot increase the quality of a photo (especially for printing and enlarging later). So send me the best quality and the largest size you have.

This is a 100% digital service. You send me your basic photo and I send you the final image by email. I do not print, so there is no mailing.

If you have the desire for a creation but not adequate photos or of sufficiently good quality, a photo session is possible by me in the region of Liège in Belgium, at home or outside, in order to have the good bases for creation. There is an extra charge of 200 € for this session (the photo or photos of this session used for the creation will also be provided). I invite you to contact me if necessary.

Here's how an order goes

1. Form

2. Analysis

3. Payment

4. Reception
  1. You fill out the form on this page. I only ask you for the minimum information.
    • Your name and email so that I can contact you.
    • The photo I can work on (or possibly several photos for a montage).
    • An explanation of the work you expect from me. Be as specific and detailed as possible.
  2. As soon as the form is sent.
    • Your request is analyzed to check the feasibility.
    • If it turns out that the request is not feasible, I will inform you, and you will not have paid anything unnecessarily.
  3. Payment of the order and realization.
    • If the work can be done, you will receive an email with a payment request.
    • As soon as you have paid, I do the work.
  4. Reception of your image.
    • You receive an email allowing you to download the image. This is a 100% digital service.
    • In the event that you are not fully satisfied, you may request, only once, an additional modification. This is to allow you to specify a detail that you may have forgotten for example, it is obviously not a question of completely changing your mind.


Creative manipulation (149 €)
Photo edit (39 €)
Doll me (249 €)
Doodle me (89 €)
Pimp my baby (49 €)
Card (39 €)
Complete creations or commercial use, please consult Gumiho Artist