Image magician

With my 15 years of experience, I am a photographer, photo editor and digital artist - illustrator. Content creator on Instagram, spotted by Photoshop US, I also created several visuals for their promotion.

I now offer my professional retouching services for privates individuals via this website.

I offer you the possibility to order a personal and unique creation from your own photo. Everything is done via the internet, from sending your photo to the secure payment until receiving your image.

If you want me to make the basic photos for an original creation, a mini photo session is possible.

Creative photomontage

Bring originality and fantasy into your home ! I create a special and unique universe for you from the photo you will send me.

Transform a photo to make it magical, change the decor, create a world that speaks to you and that corresponds to you or of which you are a fan, combine several photos into one…

All this according to my artistic style taking into account your specific requests !

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Photo retouch

Do you have a photo that you like but for which you would like to make some corrections ? Details that bother you, light and colors to improve, retouch the make-up or skin or other…

The purpose of photo retouching is to correct and improve the overall appearance of an image to obtain a desired result. As soon as several images are put together (change of scenery, addition of elements…), you must turn to a creative photomontage.

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Doll me

I offer you this exceptional retouching service to create from your portrait a unique unrealistic artistic creation. Composed of my own graphic style and inspired by the cinematographic style of the great Tim Burton, I transform you into a fairy, fantastic, gothic, romantic… doll (or according to your requested style).

Like you, each doll has a story. I create an artistic representation of yourself and it is very interesting to observe the reaction of people when they look at a portrait of this kind.

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Doodle me

Freestyle editing to further style a photo you love.

Doodle art is a drawing style.

I use this technique and draw directly on your photo to give it a super nice style. I make the doodles by hand, according to my inspiration and the information you can give me.

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Pimp my baby

I use your favourite photo of your baby and I insert it into one of my many digital sets.

A way to give a more magical style to a photo you already love. All you have to do is choose your favourite background(s) !

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Cards and posters

Need a visual for a thank you letter, an announcement, an invitation, a new born card ? Do you want to offer or treat yourself to a pretty personalized birth poster to frame to decorate a newborn's bedroom ? You've come to the right place, I invite you to consult the examples.

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